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Amalgamation News and FAQs

This page contains all correspondence regarding the amalgamation of

College House and Meadow Lane Schools


Amalgamation Letters (please click on the links below):


Statutory Proposal Notice>>    Statutory Proposal - Full>>




All your questions answered about your new school - The Lanes Primary School:


Q. Why did the schools have to amalgamate – could they not just have continued as things are?

A. The collaboration between the 2 schools was only a temporary measure, amalgamation was considered the best long term solution for the community. It allows all the year groups to be together rather than across 2 sites as has been the case this year.


Q. Why did you choose the name The Lanes Primary School?

A. We received lots of fantastic ideas from staff, pupils and parents, this one was suggested by a couple of people. The governors choose this as it linked the 2 sites Meadow Lane & Cator Lane and reflected a nice, nurturing environment.


Q. What is the new uniform and where can I buy it?

A. The new uniform will be the same royal blue as children already wear at College House. Once the logo design is approved you will be able to buy branded uniform through Tesco, Morleys or TGR. Alternatively you can purchase the non-branded uniform from any supermarket or high street store.


Q. When can I buy the new branded uniform?

A. The logo is in the final design stages, as soon as this has been signed off we can let you all know and the uniform will be available to order.


Q. I’ve got the old uniform that still fits, do I need to buy the new one for September?

A. No children can wear old uniform until you need to buy a bigger size.


Q. Which year groups will be at which site?

A. The Meadow Lane site will have 7 classes for Reception and Year 1 children. Year 2 children will be in the 3 new classrooms at the Cator Lane site, Years 3-6 will be at the Cator Lane site in the main building.


Q. Will there still be mixed classes?

A. Eventually we should be able to remove the need for mixed classes. As we transition into the new school the Head has worked hard to optimise staff and budgets - we will only have 2 mixed classes as below:

Meadow Lane:    3 x Reception, 1 x Reception/Yr1, 3 x Yr1.

Cator Lane:         3 x Yr2, 2 x Yr3, 1 x Yr3/4, 2 x Yr4, 3 x Yr5, 3 x Yr6


Q. When will I find out which class my child is in?

A. Discussions with all the teaching staff has begun and you should be advised of your child’s new class by early July.


Q. Will my child move sites during the school day?

A. No, as the year groups are now situated together children will remain at the same site throughout the school day.


Q. What time does school start, I have a child at different sites how will I manage that?


Meadow Lane site times:                  Start 0855, Finish 1520

College House site Times:                Start 0850, Finish 1530

This will allow you time to move from one site to the other, teachers will be made aware of those children who have siblings at the other site. This works well for parents at the moment.


Q. Will CHAS breakfast and after school club be affected?

A. No CHAS will operate as it does presently.


Q. When do the old schools close and the new one open?

A. The two schools will formally close on August 31st 2017, with the last day of the summer term being Friday 21st July 2017. The new school will formally open on September 1st 2017, with the 1st day of the autumn term being Wednesday 6th September 2017.


Q. What is the structure of the senior management team running the new school?

A. Jo Revill has been appointed as Head Teacher and Anna Hodkin and Micheala Brown as Deputy Heads. The temporary governing body will oversee the opening of the school and will be replaced by a permanent governing body during the 1st term.


Q. I have received an offer of a reception place for my child to start at Meadow Lane in September, which school will they be going to now?

A. They will start in a reception class at the Meadow Lane site, you should have received details from the school through the post.


Q. I have received an offer of a reception place for my child to start at College House in September, which school will they be going to now?

A. They will start in a reception class at the Meadow Lane site, you should have received details from the school through the post.


Q. I have received an offer of a year 3 place for my child to start at College House in September, which school will they be going to now?

They will start in a class at the Cator Lane site.


Q. What’s the new logo?

A. Details are being finalised, as soon as the governors have signed off the design we will be able to share it with you. 


Q. Will there be something to mark the closure of the schools?

A. Yes, we’re planning an open day event at both schools on Friday 7th July. We’re keen to contact as many ex pupils and staff as we can to share their memories and photographs. If you know anyone who would like to be involved let us know.


Q. Will there be an official opening of the new school?

A. Yes, we’re planning a small event during the 1st week of term to formally celebrate the opening of our brand new school.


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