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Class 3 were asked to write this page for the website. The objective was to write a definition for each room in the school. They had to decide what that area was used for and then with a partner write their explanation as part of a glossary. This is what they produced.

Decking – We play in the sandpit and we can play in the water.

Early Years Garden – The Early Years Garden is used for children to play in. It is also used for the reception classes.

Playground – The playground is where people go out and play and do skiping or they do hop skoch and PE.

Head Teachers Room – Mrs Revill works in her office and she types some things on her compyooter. You get to go in there when you are good and you get a sticker and if you are very good you will get an award.

Garden Room – The garden room is for children working in small groops and teachers leave story sacks there.

Medical Room – This room is for when you get hurt and we keep the first aid kit there and they give you an ice pack and a bump note.

Office – This is where Mrs Colton and Mrs Couchman writ letters pay bils count muney talk to pepul and anser the phone.

Staffroom – This is where the teachers have there meetings. And have there lunch and where children sometimes work or read.

Library – The library is only for going on the computer and choosing a library book and to be quiet in there. The library is for reading and writing.

Paper Cupboard – It has paper in it and the teachers get some paper to decraete the class room.

Hall – We go to the hall for inside pe and survice and lunch. The hall is used for singing, service, dinner, games and

Storeroom – a room for paper for boxes for laders for bags for radio and boxes of cubes.

Entrance – This is where you come into school.

Classroom – We do work, play with toys and read books.

Displays – 2013-2014

We are very proud of our school environment and we spend a lot of time making the school into a stimulating and welcoming place for everyone. We love to celebrate the children’s work and would like to share an example of them with you.
























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